Outdoor Recreation & Equipment Rental


BLDG. 798  || 716.236.3511

Monday – Friday

8AM – 4PM


Interested in renting equipment? Show a military ID or CAC.

Friends and family are welcome to rent equipment as well! Those with a valid ID/CAC card can sponsor.




  1. All tents will be clean, dry, and aired before being turned in.
    Customers may be required to set up the tent upon return.
  2. When the customer has another person return the item(s) it’s the customer’s responsibility to inform that person about the policy, due date, and money owed.
  3. The customer who signed the rental receipt is responsible for the item(s) cleanliness and condition.
  4. Lost/Damaged item(s) will be paid for or replaced with a like-item by the customer.
  5. Payment in full is required when the equipment is picked up.
  6. Anyone with base access is able to utilize this facility.

Rental Personnel Responsibilities

  1. Equipment issued will be in a clean and serviceable condition.
  2. If rental center personnel are not satisfied with the cleanliness of the item(s) presented for turn in, they inform the customer of what must be done to make the item(s) acceptable. It’s within the authority and responsibility of the rental center personnel to request additional cleaning of item(s) before accepting them for turn in.
  3. If customers fails to bring the checkout item(s) to required standards of cleanliness, the rental center personnel will impose a cleaning fee.

Customer Responsibilities

  1. Inspect the condition of the item(s) being checked out before accepting them.
  2. Customer is responsible for the loading and unloading of the equipment. Rental center personnel will assist.
  3. After customer accepts responsibility for the item(s), it’s also their responsibility to ensure all items are returned in a clean, dry, and serviceable condition. $75 drying fee if item is wet.







Previously known as the Single Airman Program, Recharge for Resiliency is a program geared towards single active duty or reserve enlisted and officers put on by Outdoor Recreation.


The Recharge for Resiliency initiative is directed specifically toward the Active Duty and Reserve
members to include their families at each base. This means that retirees, civilians and foreign military are not eligible for R4R discounted rates. Other branches of the US military are not eligible unless they are part of an Air Force led joint-based scenario, or are permanently assigned to an Air Force base.

Outdoor Recreation & Equipment Rental || 716.236.3511
Sam Scalzo, Manager