Military Salute Tickets

These tickets are ONLY for Active or Retired members of the U.S. Military, including activated members of the National Guard, Reservists, United States Coast Guard, and spouses.

**If you have questions regarding previously ordered discount tickets, please email niagara.falls.fss@gmail.com!


Disney Military Salute ticket special has been extended to Feb 14, 2021!
“Please be advised that, in connection with our “Disney 4, 5, or 6 Day Military Promotional Ticket” offer, we have extended the date by which such special promotional tickets may be sold to Feb 14, 2021 (instead of Dec 13, 14 or 15, 2020).
The usage window of “Disney 4, 5, or 6 Day Military Promotional Tickets” previously sold has been extended thru Sep 26, 2021 (instead of Dec 18, 2020). Please note that new ticket sales thru Feb 14, 2021 will also have a usage window for “Disney 4, 5 or 6 Day Military Promotional Tickets” thru Sep 26, 2021.
**If a guest bought 6 Salutes prior thru Dec 18, 2020, he can now buy up to 6 more between Dec 19, 2020 – Feb 14, 2021. These are all valid thru Sep 26, 2021. If he does this and buys 12 in total, he can’t buy & activate “any potential future promotions” (i.e. a 2021 Salute to start on Feb 15, 2021, if that gets 100% approved) for the remainder of 2021. If he only buys 2 more 2020 Salutes between Dec 19, 2020 – Feb 14, 2021, he could buy up to four more if any potential future 2021 promotion is released.” 



Who’s Eligible?

disney qualifiers


**If you do not qualify for the Military Salute tickets, we still have options for you! If you have access to base (ie – civilians, base contractors), you can order what’s called Magic Your Way tickets. Call us for prices!

**The new regulation that Veteran’s are now allowed Commissary/MWR privileges, unfortunately does not apply to the Disney Military Salute tickets. Please call our office for more information about Magic Your Way tickets.



How to Order

You can either order your tickets by phone with a credit card or stop by the office. Leave a message if we’re not here, and we’ll call you back.

Please be aware that you may be asked to send a picture/scan of your ID upon ordering.

Pick Your Tickets Up at the Niagara Lodge’s front desk. They are open daily from 8AM-9PM.


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