2023 Disney Salute

4 Day Salute Hopper   $349.00
4 Day Salute Hopper Plus   $379.00

5 Day Salute Hopper   $369.00
5 Day Salute Hopper Plus   $399.00

Disney’s 4-Day or 5-Day Military Promotional Tickets (including any options) expire and are only valid through December 15, 2023. Additional blackout dates apply: April 2-15, 2023, and November 19-25, 2023.

No more than SIX (6) tickets can be purchased by eligible service member OR spouse (regardless of the place of purchase and whether purchased by that person or that person’s spouse). Ticket must be used by the same person on any and all days. The ID cardholder must present at the time of ticket use and must be utilizing one of the tickets. (Ages 3 and up are required to have a ticket). Tickets ordered take at least 3 business days to process. 

Who’s Eligible?

**If you do not qualify for the Military Salute tickets, we still have options for you! If you have access to base (ie – civilians, base contractors), you can order what’s called Magic Your Way tickets. Call us for prices!
The new regulation that Veteran’s are now allowed Commissary/MWR privileges, unfortunately does not apply to the Disney Military Salute tickets. Please call our office for more information about Magic Your Way tickets.

How to Order

Send us an email at niagara.falls.fss@gmail.com

Please be aware that you may be asked to send a picture/scan of your ID upon ordering.


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