Throughout the year, Federal, State and local agencies conduct training at the Niagara Falls Air Reserve Station.  Most of these agencies request lodging at our beautiful lodging facilities and the usage of a conference room.  Depending upon the size of your conference as well as the time of year, we can support almost any conference.  The following list of questions should be answered before you decide to book your conference.  By answering these questions, it will help both your group and us to determine what exactly you will need during your conference.

1.  Do you have a lodging requirement?  If yes, please contact the Niagara Lodge at (716) 236-2015 to find out availability. 

2.  Do you need a conference room?  If yes, what size and requirements do you need for the room?

3.  Do you need catering?  If yes, please contact the Heritage Center at Niagara at (716) 236-2027.

4.  Do you need any audio/visual equipment?

5.  Do you have any V.I.P.s attending your conference?

Once you have made your “tentative” reservations, you will have to complete a “Conference Request Form”.  Please complete the top portion of the form and include all supporting information.  This form will be routed through various departments on the base including senior leadership.  Please allow ample time for this form to be approved.  If you need to use the Base Theater, a form will have to be submitted.

Both forms (Conference Request) and (Base Theater) are available at the below links:

Building 860 Base Theater Request Form      Conference Request Form

When your conference has been approved, you will be contacted.  We urge all conferences to be self sufficient as possible (a/v, computer, Internet, and supplies).  In addition, you will have to submit an EAL (Entry Authorization List) to the Security Forces Base Visitor’s Center (716-236-2281) prior to conducting your conference.  If you have any further questions, please call (716) 236-3612.