There’s Still Time to Earn Points & Win Prizes

Get Ready For The Holiday Season with the Base Fitness Center Points Club Fall Fitness Challenge. 

The Points Club is a program designed to motivate participants who use cardio equipment. Participants log their miles traveled, and earn rewards for working out!

Here’s how it works:

  1. Sign up at the front desk.
  2. Get to the Fitness Center and start your trek!  Workouts can be recorded between now and November 27th.
  3. Following each workout, stop and check in with the front desk staff who will record and initial your progress.

thanksgivingEarn Points

20 Min = 2 pts
30 Min = 4 pts
40 Min = 6 pts
50 Min = 8 pts
60+ Min = 10 pts

Win Prizes

48 pts = Water Bottle
100 pts = Backpack
160 pts = T-Shirt