0802-Whirlpool-Jet-BoatA Mark your calendars for ODR’s Whirlpool Jet Boat Trip. 

It’s Free! Open to Reservists and immediate family up to 4 total. Sorry, no boyfriends, girlfriends, or friends permitted. Participants must be 44’’ tall and at least 6 years old. Registration begins Saturday 7 June. Call Outdoor Recreation at 236-3511 or 236-2101. This trip is very popular and space is limited to 100 Single Airman and 100 Reservists and family members. Priority and preference given to unaccompanied Airman of all ranks for the 100 Single Airman spaces. A waiting list is first come first served for both categories. Regular price is $56 per person.

The trip is on Saturday, 2 August
Busses Depart NFARS at 1600 and Return 1930
This event is a popular attraction.
Please do not sign up if you are not sure you can attend.